The “Family friendly flexibility” plan continues with great participation. Started in December, the plan is aimed at tackling the problems arising from the Covid-19 emergency, including: a drastic decrease in the family time, difficulties in moving around, and the inability to carry out public relations tasks with suppliers and buyers.

The plan has already recorded several benefits; for employees who are forced to travel by public and private transport, the flexibility of hours and the implementation of smart working are bringing about a reduction in transport costs, with a lower economic impact and a consequent reduction in stress.

The introduction of forms of hourly flexibility, on the other hand, allows employees to devote more space to their loved ones, better experiencing the relationship between the time to devote to them and the time to devote to work. In fact, this allows to start the working day from 08:00 to 10:00, and is perfectly compatible with the reopening of schools, allowing employees to accompany their children to school.

The implementation of tools that guarantee a more functional management of one’s working and extra-working times, allows to better take care of family relationships and live more peacefully. The improvement of the psychological well-being of the worker inevitably affects the company well-being, with the common aim of ensuring the maintenance of productivity and efficiency at work.