Today’s situation, the COVID-19 emergency and future prospects imply a necessary strengthening of the safeguards, in order to allow greater flexibility of working hours and an organic reorganization capable of facing away the multiple difficulties that workers, and therefore the company, encountered in work and family life.

Following an investigation carried out in the company, the various problems caused by the current emergency were highlighted, including: a drastic decrease in the time to spend with family and difficulties in moving, particularly in the home-work journey due to general restrictions. The impossibility of carrying out the tasks related to public relations with suppliers and buyers and the lack of tools for carrying out work activities in cases where, lacking support for parenting, there is no possibility of reconciling the family and work context.

In response to the needs of its employees, Fase Uno has developed the Family Friendly Innovation Plan lasting 18 months, with which, through digital tools for shared communication, it has experimented with remote work by adopting smart working, which involves all workers. Furthermore, the introduction of greater flexibility of the start and end times of the working day and of the lunch break, has given shape to a reorganization capable of responding to current difficulties, allowing the individual employee to plan their day in line with his need. In fact, the flexible hours allows the employee to start the working day from 08:00 to 10:00 and to be able to end it in a time slot that goes from 18:00 to 20:00. Furthermore, in order to guarantee a peaceful return to the working dynamics, effective tools have been planned to support the maternity and post-maternity phase.

With this plan, Fase Uno aims to achieve greater productivity, an increase in corporate well-being and greater organizational well-being. To these objectives is added the need to perpetuate an environment of serenity and mutual trust capable of responding to different needs and in the face of difficulties due to the COVID-19 emergency.