The company provides a Private Labels and Licensing manufacturing service for those brands who want to turn their ideas and imagination into garments.

Their highly expertise know-how allows the company to manage all the production steps: the creation of the models, the purchase of the raw materials and accessories, the samples creation finally followed by production and distribution.


Fase Uno graphic designers team is keen to assist the customers who need to create their own line of clothing and/or the single garments design.

The company creativity will turn the customers imagination into beautiful garments.


Since the most important goal is to satisfy the customer final needs, the company totally focuses on the customer requirements making a special selection of raw materials and accessories from some of the most important Italian and French suppliers.

Samples and production garments are both handmade manufactured in order to optimize the fit, a result very hard to get using CAD systems.


The packaging is done through several platforms located in Italy.

Our team will evaluate which to use depending on the type of product, quantity, materials and budget.

Fase Uno has its own facilities to store the goods and manage the shipment procedures.


The company staff includes highly experts who look after the quality control during all the production stages thus to minimize the percentage of waste and faulty garments.

After a 50 years long experience of relationships with suppliers and customers, based on a continuous research and innovation process, Fase Uno can boast a very high expertise level that no school can teach.